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Note Upon Note Studio


Welcome to Note Upon Note Music Lessons Studio, located in Kingston and in Tamworth, Ontario, and available internationally via the worldwide web.


What We Do

We help people learn to play music quickly and easiiy so that they get the greatest enjoyment possible, even if they've never played before.


How We Do It

By applying proven deep-learning strategies that speed up mastery and build solid foundations for ongoing accomplishment, we guide students to the success they desire.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 60-day satisfaction guarantee means that students invest only in results.


Our Mission

To present the finest music lessons experience possible for students and their families.


Our Philosophy

To provide an environment that promotes respect for human dignity, self-confidence and musical mastery.


Instruments We Teach

  • Piano, beginner to advanced, ages 3+
  • Guitar, beginner to advanced, ages 6+
  • Ukulele, beginner to advanced, ages 6+
  • For improvisation workshops, all instruments are welcome


Individual and Group Lessons

  • Piano students take individual lessons, supplemented by group classes to explore performance, music history and music theory
  • Guitar and ukulele students take individual or group lessons


Musical Styles

Blues, Baroque, classical, jazz, popular, country, gospel, rock, contemporary, to name just a few. "There's good music and there's bad music," said Louis Armstrong. "Good music is anything you can tap your toes to." While we encourage our students to be well-rounded musically, and insist upon it for children, you're welcome to focus on a particular style that has captured your interest.


All Ages

Students of all ages and all skill levels are welcome to apply for lessons or coaching. The optimal age for beginning formal music study is 3. Is it ever too late? No. Music study in later life has countless restorative and preventive health benefits, as well being a sheer joy.


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Telephone: 613-777-0835